ABLE Upgrades Complete

In recent years, HF Group has welcomed the customers of binderies whose owners have chosen to move in a different direction. With those customers came the binderies’ ABLE Web server environments, which utilized older Windows technology. We are pleased to announce that, as of March 25, 2017 we have completed the tedious process of upgrading the last of these ABLE environments to the most recent technology.

Looking Back at ABLE

At HF Group, we have offered ABLE bindery preparation software to our customers since its inception.
In 1985, the software ran on Windows 1.01 PCs. We were one of the earliest adopters of Windows and PCs. 5¼” diskettes were used to transfer data from the library to the bindery—with what used to be called “sneaker net”. As technology developed, ABLE was upgraded to successive versions of Windows and, in 2000, it became a browser-based web application.

Today, it is hosted in the cloud, using the latest Windows Server, SQL Server and virtual technology. The latest innovation has been to deploy ABLE as a JavaWeb Start application.

What is Java Web Start?

Java Web Start, from Oracle, is a framework that allows Java-based applications, such as ABLE, to run without the use of a browser. This eliminates the Java-related security concerns and does not affect the use of ABLE in any way. Users may still use a browser if they wish, but Web Start ensures reliability of ABLE for years to come.

You can access Web Start from your ABLE home page, or your customer service representative will be happy to send you a zip file that will place a Web Start shortcut right on your desktop.

Our Commitment

Even with the decline in binding volume across the industry, HF Group remains committed to providing a consistent, reliable user experience for its library customers. Our investment of time, expertise and money assures you that ABLE will continue to perform tomorrow as well as it has for the past 32 years.
If you have questions about ABLE or Web Start, contact your customer service representative or the HF Group IT Team – Mark Sapusek, Joe Medellin, Vic Wiggins, Barb Voyer – at