Customer Information

Finding the information you need…

By HF Group | April 6, 2022

We’ve consolidated our websites so here are some tips to find the information you need to communicate with our staff.…

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Letter to Library Binding Customers

By HF Group | June 9, 2022

“As we begin the second half of 2022, it seems appropriate to provide another update for our Library Binding customers.”…

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Product Feedback

Product Feedback & Recognition Archive

By HF Group | April 4, 2022

Digital Book Production La Frontera The La Frontera books arrived in good order, the dust jacket was trimmed beautifully (THANK…

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What We Do

Library depository services, digital document management, and commercial records management.

Binding services and book-related products.

The highest quality, professional preservation and conservation services to the caretakers of book, document, art on paper, and photographic collections.

High quality, short run, digital printing, and print on demand book printing and binding

Scanning solutions that produce accurate, archival-quality,  digital renditions of a wide range of source materials.

Thesis on Demand, Archival Boxes, and Print My Genealogy.