About Digitizing Services

HF Group's Digitizing Services offers scanning and digitization of a variety of materials for high‐profile
customers across the country. We are uniquely equipped to scan bound items including books, magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, theses, and, dissertations, and we also scan photographs, paintings, lithographs, slides, and film. We specialize in scanning delicate, fragile, and otherwise difficult work that other digitization companies are not able to do.

We are capable of digitizing a wide range of items including bound books, bound newspapers, theses, yearbooks, documents, maps, blueprints, photographs, slides, etc.

At Digital Solutions, we are dedicated to investing in cutting-edge technology to best serve our large and diverse clientele.

We offer a wide range of post-processing services that will ensure your images are formatted appropriately for their intended use.

Digitization projects are complex

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Digital Services is based in Greensboro, North Carolina.