Digital Book Production

Our Digital Book Production division was created to address the needs of our customers to bridge the gap between new technologies and proven traditional products and services. We provide our customers with controlled costs through manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution based on a model of smaller quantities.

We are committed to providing customers with profitable, efficient and cost-effective book manufacturing and servicing options. This includes Short Run Digital Book Manufacturing services with binding options that include both hard cover and paperback books. Whether you need 1,000 books, 500 books or just 1 book, hard cover or paperback, we can reduce your overhead, inventory, and up-front production costs compared to traditional large runs.

With digital production in North Manchester, Indiana, we are helping revolutionize and transform the way publishers and authors do business. We embrace the many years of experience of the HF Group family and capitalize on new and changing printing and binding technologies, fulfilling the need not only for small print and bind quantities, but for specialized, efficient, and cost-effective services specific to customers' business models.