The management of paper-based records can be a challenge. That’s why AssureVault offers state-of-the-art digital records management services!

Managing  your records digitally offers many benefits:

  • Easy access to your documents
  • No searching through file cabinets
  • Users have simultaneous and concurrent access to the records
  • Content-searchable; search for any word throughout an entire catalog of documents
  • Brings structure and organization to your records
  • Digital collection can be updated on a periodic basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • A digital archive copy can be maintained at AssureVault in our FIRELOCK™ fireproof vault

Migrating from Paper to Digital

The migration from paper to digital begins with document capture. AssureVault offers comprehensive document capture (scanning) services that ensure that your digital documents will be of the best possible quality.

Using your Digital Documents

When it comes to using your digital documents, AssureVault offers a number of options that can be tailored to meet your specific use requirements.

Options include:

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