Conveniently Store and Access Data Online without Capital Costs

With its ease of use, rapid implementation and lower total cost of ownership, Digitech’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can provide your business with the ability to capture, manage, store and securely access any information, including electronic files, paper documents, images, print streams, and even email!

With Digitech’s ECM, there is no need to make a costly initial investment in hardware, software, or IT resources because your images are hosted in the cloud.

Features & Benefits
  • Simple point-and-click integration requires no coding or scripting and makes ECM a seamless part of your line-of-business software
  • Safeguard information with encryption both during transmission and when stored, and gain audit confidence by performing detailed security audits and tracking system utilization
  • Simplify disaster recovery by delivering an identical copy of your live information to any secure location
  • Content fully encrypted and replicated
  • Supports both paper and over 250 electronic document types
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft’s Office tools
  • Workflow for document review & business processing
  • Backfile and day-forward capture options
  • Email Archiving
  • Reduce space needs
  • Helps organize documents
  • Eliminate “out of file” conditions

AssureVault supports the following Digitech products:

  • ImageSilo® – Conveniently store and access data online without capital costs
  • PaperVision® Enterprise – Securely manage your information to improve you business efficiency
  • PaperVision® Capture – Capture, integrate and distribute paper records using your existing hardware
  • PaperFlow – Improve your productivity and have better control of critical, paper-based business information.
  • PaperVision® Message Manager – Store and index email messages for quick retrieval

About Digitech Products

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