Whether you have a few PDFs or thousands, your document images and be assembled into an indexed Acrobat Catalog, which makes full content searches quick and easy.

How it Works
  1. During the document capture and scanning process, PDFs are created from your images.
  2. The images are processed through OCR (optical character recognition) to make the words recognizable.
  3. The documents are assembled into a catalog and an index – a searchable record – is created for every word in the catalog.
  4. The catalog can be placed on a network drive where it can be accessed by multiple users.

The index can be updated as you add documents, so you’ll know that you’re always including the latest information in your searches.


Users can perform simple or advanced searches within the catalog, and they can even save search results to a new PDF or CSV file.


What type of documents can included in a PDF Catalog?

Documents written in Roman, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters can be cataloged. The items that can be cataloged include the document text, comments, bookmarks, form fields, tags, object and document metadata, attachments, document information, digital signatures, image XIF (extended image file format) metadata, and custom document properties.

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