The following specifications are recommended for the construction or retrofit of a depository facility.

  • Concrete-block or brick construction
  • Pitched or slant roof (recommended)
  • Free-standing building (recommended)
  • Floor-to-ceiling physical barriers between bays, with 4-hour fire rating, when building has more than one tenant
  • When building has more than one client, library space to be an end unit only, for minimal adjacency
  • Vapor barrier as needed to achieve temperature and relative humidity specifications above
  • Isolated receiving area for the inspection and staging of incoming items
Physical Environment
  • Temperature ranges from 60 °F (November – March) to 68 °F (April-October)
  • Relative humidity  of 50% or lower
  • Remote temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Air filtration as part of HVAC
  • Moisture detection on floors with both audible and externally-monitored reports
  • Traps placed throughout facility and monitored for ingress of insects, rodents and other vermin
Life Safety and Fire Protection
  • Dry-pipe, pre-action fire detection and prevention system throughout
  • A local fire-safety vendor shall install the system and inspect the facility periodically
  • Lighting fixtures activated by motion detection
  • Continuously-monitored by trusted third party for smoke detection, rate-of-rise (temperature), and pipe discharge
Physical Security
  • Controlled entrance(s) with access via card-reader in which all ingress is recorded
  • Camera monitored space; DVR drop with most recent 6-months of recording retained
  • Motion detection throughout
  • Glass-break detection, if any glass is present in building
  • Door contact alarms on all perimeter doors connected to library space
  • Immediate local police, fire or security vendor response required upon motion, door or glass break alarm
  • Access to facility for authorized persons only
  • No direct patron access
  • Steel racking with steel shelving
  • 1.2 cu. ft. acid-free, triple side wall cartons with covers (recommended) for library items (books, journals) and archived records
  • Racking configuration: 3-high stacking
  • Price ranges based on pickup and delivery once weekly to a single campus location
  • More frequent service is common and can be priced accordingly
Example Carton Capacity/Annual Cost Per Item

Lib Rep Fac Specs