ECS Conservation

HF Group's Conservation and Preservation staff can perform environmental, storage, and collections surveys to address preservation needs for libraries, museums, historical societies, and private clients. An assessment tool designed to meet the client's specific informational needs can be developed.
We can also assist the client in creating a long-term preservation plan based upon information gathered from an assessment survey.

In-depth general collection surveys are regularly performed to evaluate the conservation and preservation needs of the collection. The study includes an analysis of the environmental controls and conditions as well as the general storage facility and can include a general study of the building structure. Thorough item-by-item conservation surveys of art on paper, archival documents, photographs, and rare books can be conducted upon request.

We also offer environmental monitoring services designed to help collections managers, curators, and librarians gather information required to maintain and promote the long term preservation of a collection of historic and artistic material. An environmental evaluation of collection storage facilities can be performed using the latest Preservation Environment Monitor® (PEM2) and the Climate Notebook® software program developed by the Image Permanence Institute (IPI), Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY. The environmental survey can be implemented to record environmental data that can be used to supplement grant applications providing justification for improvements and modifications.