ECS Conservation

HF Group's Conservation and Preservation division has been serving libraries, museums, local, state and federal agencies, and private collectors for over 25 years. With two locations, we are pleased to offer our conservation and preservation services to the caretakers of book, paper, and photographic collections nationwide.

Our conservation staff is available to speak to you about conservation treatment options for your books, manuscripts, ephemera, artwork, photographs or other collections on paper.

East - Browns Summit, NC

Our primary conservation facility is located just north of Greensboro, North Carolina. There we have a fully functional and secured conservation lab, staffed by professionally-educated and trained conservators that you can trust with your valued objects.

Our conservators combine their knowledge and professional experience to safely work on a wide variety of collection materials that include rare books, art on paper, vellum documents, photographic materials, maps, and historic wallpaper. Onsite collection surveys and training workshops can be performed upon request by our experienced staff. Our primary goal is to assist our clients in protecting their collections for years to come.

Midwest - North Manchester, IN

Conveniently located near major shipping routes in Northern Indiana, our Midwest facility is a high-volume conservation lab. In addition to rare book conservation, a primary focus of the Midwest facility is collections conservation, and it is here where we construct the majority of our protective enclosures. In addition to rare book and collections conservation services, our Midwest facility provides preservation assessments, conservation training and workshops, and community outreach to libraries and other organizations.