Asset Management

The records housed in our Records Centers are managed with the industry-leading Total Recall™ records management software by DHS Worldwide.

From the moment it is in our possession, each carton is given a unique barcode label that identifies the owner of the carton and the carton itself. Using state-of-the-art, portable barcode scanners, carton information is communicated to Total Recall™, which tracks its exact location and status, whether it’s in your office, in our Records Centers, or anywhere in between!

Web Tools

Your files may be offsite but with Records Connect, they are only a click away!
Records Connect is a secure, web-enabled feature of Total Recall™ that allows you to manage your cartons and records, and perform a variety of administrative functions. You can even view your records online with its built-in Records On Demand service!

Rapid Access

If you need rapid access to your files, our indexing service will do the trick. With Total Recall™, we can index your records at the folder and even at the document level. This means that the information you need can be retrieved and delivered to you quickly.


AssureVault knows how valuable your records are to your business. When you entrust them to us, you can be sure they will be kept safe, secure and in complete order. Your files will be handled responsibly every step of the way – from the moment we take them into our custody. We guarantee our service to be on time, complete and hassle-free.

Schedules are established in advance and, at AssureVault, next-day service is standard. Emergency service is also available when needed.

You can be assured that your pickups and deliveries will be performed only our authorized company drivers. Look for their picture ID!


An often overlooked consideration is that of using appropriate storage cartons. While it seems simple at first, a closer look reveals why often-used copy paper boxes or temporary storage cartons just don’t stack up.

That’s why AssureVault recommends cartons with triple sidewall construction, a hinged lid and handle grips (dust-protected preferably).

Below are pictures of an inferior carton that has failed and an appropriate long term storage carton.

AssureVault encourages its clients to take advantage of the benefits of good quality, long term storage containers:

  • One piece solid bottom won’t allow contents to fall through.
  • Triple wall side construction can be stacked even 4 or 5 boxes high.
  • Hinged lid, with dust-proof flange, allows for repeated easy entry.

Durable, hard-working storage cartons… that’s the AssureVault Advantage!