About Digitizing Services

For over 75 years, HF Group established an unsurpassed history of excellence by delivering services to some of the largest and most prestigious cultural heritage institutions in the country. Originally providing library binding and collections maintenance services, the company has expanded our service offerings to encompass “the” complete conservation of book, paper, and photographic artifacts.

HF Group Today

Our reputation as a high-quality provider of legacy services is well known. What perhaps isn’t as apparent is the intense growth within our digital lab, partially driven by our library clients and partners, but further supplemented by our expanded reach into the government and commercial markets. In 2010, to facilitate the numerous new digitization projects and address an imminent necessity to expand our physical space in order to accommodate personnel and equipment, HF Group officially opened the DigitalSolutions (DS), now Digitization Services.

Digitization Services

Digitization Services produces accurate, archival-quality digital renditions of source documents, including bound or loose items, ranging in sizes from small to large format materials. Because of our rich history of conservation and preservation experience, our diverse client base can be assured that content will be digitized with utmost care, so valuable assets are returned in the same condition as when they arrived. Our services are all-inclusive, relieving our clients of the burden of seeking out multiple vendors. We are often asked to make recommendations on specifications for multiple derivatives based on how the images will be utilized and where they will ultimately reside. Regardless of the item’s characteristics and overall project scope, we have the equipment, personnel, and expertise to complete the job from start to finish.